Establish the first 'Deaf-Centric' centre where Deaf people would feel safe to express their challenges and create solutions. The mission of this centre is to develop a safe 'drop-in' space for any and every individual to have access to resources for the Deaf community of India.

Training &


Deaf Experts to provide workshops and training on topics such as:

  • Deaf Empowerment (Deaf Culture/History/Identity)

  • Deaf Women Empowerment 

  • Deaf Education for Special Educators

  • Job Sensitization Training 

  • Entrepreneurship skills

Deaf Information Network 

  • A bilingual ‘one-stop’ database website in English and Indian Sign Language

  • Provides information and resources on how to meet the needs of the Deaf community.

  • Launched the technical platform -


(Communication Support)

  • A service where Hearing and Deaf people contact Deaf experts for solutions or referrals related to the Deaf community

Accessibility Training &


(Interpreting Services)

  • Develop advanced training on Sign Language Interpretation Skills 

  • Create a pool of skilled interpreters to take up assignments in various settings

  • Provide intensive workshops on Interpreting Ethics ( to various  Deaf organizations, Interpreters, and public/private companies

Visual Informative Data & Advocacy

  • Collect data by producing bilingual translations of surveys to show proof of lack of services and lack of rights of Deaf people

  • It would create an impact in the Indian community to have Deaf people advocating for their Rights and for improved access to services

Inclusive Community Events 

  • Organise interactive and inclusive events encouraging Deaf individuals to showcase their talents

  • Host innovative events such as Indian Sign Language (ISL) Trivia to promote awareness on sign language to everyone 

A non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.