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How did this idea develop?

After doing intense studies and focus group discussions with the Deaf community following are some key observations,

  • There is no ‘Deaf- Centric’ center where Deaf people would just feel safe to express themselves and create solutions.

  • The mission is to create a safe ‘drop-in’ space for any and every individual to learn about the Deaf community.

  • While working closely with the Deaf on the former project- Centum GRO Initiative, Dr. Chandani came across numerous ‘where’ questions. Questions like- Parents want to know ‘Where’ are the schools for the Deaf?,  ‘Where’ can I request a Sign Language Interpreter, ‘Where’ are the Deaf colleges?, ‘Where’ can I learn Sign Language Interpreting?, ‘Where’ can Deaf people get bilingual translations on their rights and laws?, and many more.

  • Accessible services, resources and support are the most important considerations in making the safe space- The Deaf Resource and Innovation Center.

What made it sure that the Deaf community of India needed this Center?

We did a Pilot: Deaf Information Network- (‘One-stop’ online database website)

  • The first 9 months of this year, my team has created an online database platform--The Deaf Information Network (DIN) 

  • It constitutes of the Deaf schools, Deaf businesses, pool of sign language interpreters, job training centers, daily events happening in the Deaf community, developed multiple awareness videos and started communication support services.

  • In the very first week we hit more than 60,000 views on the website, more than 500 video-calls, emails, messages which in itself is a proof that Deaf community is thriving to get the appropriate resources and accurate information.

  • The highest demand has been of Deaf Empowerment & Entrepreneurship training.

  • The most popular request has been of providing communication access through Indian Sign Language Interpreters

A contribution I wish to make to the Indian Deaf Community :

With all of these requests and demands, I strongly believe by establishing a Deaf Resource and Innovation Center will provide a sense of relief of having a space where people can come and get full access to information and resources.


As a contribution that I’d like to give the Deaf community the dream of establishing the first ever center of the Deaf. With your support this dream can be a reality and would create a ripple effect in the whole nation by realizing the importance of providing accessible services and information/resources to the Deaf community.